How the Outgoing bureau system works (Outgoing Buro is not operational at the moment )

  • All outgoing cards must be sorted out by countries involved  prior to posting to the buro. This prevents un-necessary delay and time wasted by the out-going QSL Manager.
  • All Outgoing cards are posted direct to Bureau of the country  concerned once every 4 months.
  • All cards are sent via Sea Mail- so there can be a delay at  the receiving Bureau.
  • If cards are required urgently- Please send QSL direct to the  station you worked, with a SAE plus at least 2 IRC’s. (European countries  require 2 IRC’s)
  • Overseas RSSL members also can use the QSL buro as the others do.
  • The SWLs also can use the incoming & outgoing bureaus of RSSL.

Claiming your incoming QSLs

The In-coming Bureau is handled by Uthpala-4S6UV

Postal address of the incoming bureau:

P.O. Box 907,
Colombo,  Sri Lanka.

Send a Pre-paid (New type envelope as sold in the Post Offices at present- Light Yellowish color type) self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to the bureau . (The paper used in his type of envelope is strong)

Neatly print your call-sign in the upper left corner of the envelope. Place your mailing address on the front of the envelope. A suggested way to send envelopes is to clip extra postage to the envelope. Then, if you receive more than 30 grams of cards, they can be sent in a single package.

Hints on How to Make the Bureau System Work Better for You

Good cooperation between the DXer and the bureau is important to ensure a smooth flow of cards. Remember that the people who work in the QSL bureaus are volunteers. They are roviding you with a valuable service. With that thought in mind, please pay close attention to the following dos and don’ts.


  • Do keep self-addressed , stamped, envelopes on file at your bureau, with your call in the upper left corner, and clip extra stamps if large number of cards anticipated from DX stations.
  • Do send the bureau enough postage to cover SASEs on file and enough to take care of possible postage rate increases.
  • Do respond quickly to any bureau request for SASEs, stamps or money. Unclaimed card backlogs are the bureau’s biggest problem.
  • Do notify the bureau of your new call sign or change of address.
  • Do include a SASE with any information request to the bureau.
  • Do notify the corresponding bureau in advance if youdon’t want your incoming cards or if youdon’t want your cards to be posted.


  • Don’t expect DX cards to arrive several months after the QSO. Overseas delivery is very slow. Many cards coming from overseas bureaus are over a year old.
  • Don’t send your outgoing DX cards to your in-coming Bureau.
  • Don’t send cards to the outgoing buro at the last minute.
  • Don’t send your local cards to the incoming or outgoing buro.
  • Don’t include IRC’s or return postage when mailing to buro.