Lighthouse Expedition 2011


Every year the RSSL has activated the Barbaryn Light House for the world light house event. This year was no exception thanks to a band of sea-fearers (hi!) who crossed over to the Island off Beruwala. Its half a kilometre from the shore to the island and sometimes the sea can be very rough. Everything has to be wrapped in polythene to protect them from the waves that at times beat into the boat.

 This expedition is a great field day event and the fellowship is wonderful. The wx kept fine and they had a great time operating both HF SSB/CW with the call 4S7LGT/AS1 71. The guys who went over consisted of  Wijay 4S7VJ who is always there to string up antennas with his sling shots, Kule our CW expert, ever energetic Jaliya 4S7JL and QSL manager and expert BBQ chef Uthpala 4S7UV, Thilan 4S5TNT and some SWLs for support. Next year a beam and a cool 500watts should make the dx come in faster than the waves that lash the island.