Equipment Clearance

How to apply for a permit to import a transceiver?

First the amateur radio license holder should make a written request to the Director General, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Sri Lanka asking permission to import the transceiver. The following documents should be attached to the above request letter.

  1. Photo copies of all relevant pages of amateur radio license
  2. Photo copy of the national identity card or Passport
  3. Equipment specifications (See sample)
  4. Pro forma invoice from a equipment dealer  (See sample) – Not necessary if the transceiver is a gift from a friend

Once the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRCSL) receives a request letter the TRCSL will forward the request to the Secretary, Ministry of Defense and urban development (MODSL) for approval, if the request made by the amateur radio license holder complies with the rules and regulations of the TRCSL and a carbon copy will be sent to the amateur radio license holder.

When the MODSL grant approval the MODSL will send the Approval / Security clearance letter to the TRCSL and send carbon copies to

  1. Director General, Sri Lanka Customs Controller
  2. Import and export control department
  3. Amateur radio license holder.

Once the TRCSL receives the Approval / Security clearance from MODSL, the TRCSL will issue approval letters to Director General – Sri Lanka Customs and Import and export controller with copies to the amateur radio license holder, under the condition that the equipment should be produced to TRCSL for testing purpose after clearing from the customs.

When the amateur radio license holder receives these letters, the license holder should get a Import license from the Import and Export Control Department (for more information about go to with the Import license, amateur radio license holder can go ahead with the importation.  And when the license holder receives the transceiver the license holder should produce the transceiver to the TRCSL for testing purpose.