VHF Fox Hunt 2012

The event started off from Malabe from the vicinity of CINEC with 24 radio hams waiting to start off. Many cameras were clicking and directional Yagies were being assembled to start the hunt.

Jaliya 4S7JL set out the rules and everything started off at 9.30 a.m.. The fox was heard on 144.220 with a continuous CW ID as 4S7JL. The teams took their bearings and 4x4s were revving up to get off in the direction of Kaduwela. Soon it was obvious that the Fox was no easy catch and it took almost 2 hours for Nadika’s team of 4S5NCH assisted by Daya 4S7DB and 4S6ATL Tilak to track it down to the temple off Kaduwela. Sadly the other teams of 4S7VK, 4S7AB, 4S7VJ, 4S7KG were going round in circles!!! The task wasn’t easy with signals getting reflected off many buildings. Yet this gave a great deal of excitement.

The hunt was called off at 12.45 and the winners were declared and all congregated at Jaliya’s QTH for a fine lunch organised by Jaliya’s Mother-(our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Mrs Lokeshwara. and of course Jaliya for a great event.)

The lunch was followed by the distribution of prizes by RSSL President Dammika and Secretary Victor 4S7VK to the winning team. The goodies included a mobile MP3player and FM transmitter, a Icom 2AC handheld(donated by Mancorad Radio Club USA) antenna handbook many meters of coax and connectors and a pack of magazines. A beautifuly done certificate of participation was given to all participants.