LightHouse Expedition 2013

Every year on the 3rd weekend in August (this year 17th and 18th-) the International Light House Day is celebrated world over by radio amateurs by transmitting special event stations from light houses to show their importance.  The Radio Society has taken part in this event for more than 20 years with stations in Beruwela Barbaryn Island, Dondra and Galle.

This year the RSSL team of nearly 35 was at the Dondra lighthouse which is the southernmost point of Sri Lanka.  It was a fine event of fellowship and making contact with other light houses and radio amateurs who are keen to work Sri Lanka. The team was spearheaded by 4S7VJ Wijay, Kule 4S7KG, 4S7UV Uthpala, Mario 4S7SKRSenarath 4S6WAS, 4S6MAL Malinda and Nadika 4S6NCH along with nearly 25 others.