Software Defined Radio


Dilusha Samarasekara, an Associate Member of RSSL, has initiated a captivating article series focusing on Software-Defined Radios (SDRs).

With in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field, Dilusha provides a comprehensive exploration of SDR technology, its applications, and the evolving landscape of amateur radio. Stay tuned for a fascinating journey into the world of SDRs with Dilusha’s insightful articles.


  1. Introduction to SDR
    1. A bit of a History
    2. What is an SDR?
    3. Why should I care?
    4. What can I do with an SDR?
    5. Understanding sample rate and bandwidth
  2. Getting Started with SDRSharp
  3. Comparison Between popular SDRs
    1. A word about generic RTL-SDR Dongles
    2. RTL-SDR Dongle v3
    3. Nooelec Family
    4. Airspy Family
    5. SDRPlay Family
    6. HackRF
    7. ADALM-Pluto
    8. LimeSDRs, BladeRF x40, and Ettus B210
    9. Special purpose SDRs
    10. Future of SDRs…
  4. SDR Buying Guide
  5. Low Noise Amplifiers and RF Filters
    1. Introduction
    2. Low Noise Amplifiers
    3. Best practices for using LNAs
    4. RF Filters
  6. Web SDRs & How to use them
    1. What are Web SDRs?
    2. Why are Web SDRs important?
    3. How to use Web SDRs
    4. Let’s talk more about KiwiSDR…
    5. Conclusion
  7. How to Decode AIS Data with a SDR
    1. How does AIS Work?
    2. Antenna Requirements for AIS
    3. AIS-catcher for Windows
    4. AIS-catcher for Android


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