Office Bearers 2020/21

Office Bearers 2020/21

Office Bearers Elected for the year 2020/21

The members of the council of management for the year 2020/2021 were elected at the AGM held at Otters Aquatic Club, Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo on the 14TH of March 2021

Patron : Hon. Minister of communications.
Vice Patron : Secretary, Ministry of communications, Director general of Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
of Sri Lanka.

President : Mr.Dammika Fernando 4S7DF
1st Vice President : Mr. Nadika Hapuarachchi 4S6NCH
2nd Vice President : Mr. J. T. Wjeratne 4S7VJ

Secretary : Mr.G.V.A. Goonetilleke 4S7VK
Treasurer: Mr. D. S. B. Sirimanne 4S7DSB

Council Members elected at the AGM.
1. Mr. Mitsuka Katururunda 4S6MKM
2. Mr. Sadeepa Sepala 4S6SAD
3. Mr. Cristy Perera 4S6CPT
4. Mr. Sighe Wijesinghe 4S6LEO
5. Mr. Barath Aponso 4S6ABC
Two Associate members are to be elected at a subsequent General Meeting.

The following appointments were made by the RSSL council

Assistant Secretary :Mr. Tharanga Premathilake 4S6TMP
Web Admin, IARU coordinator :Mr. Kamal Edirisinghe 4S7AB
Disaster operations manager:Mr.Victor Goonatilake 4S7VK
QSL manager :Mr.Uthpala Vithana 4S7UV
HF Beacon coordinator : Mr. Kamal Edirisinghe 4S7AB
Echo Link coordinator :Mr. Nadika Hapuarachchi 4S6 NCH
Yatiyantota repeater coordinator :Mr. J. T. Wijeratne 4S7VJ
Pidurutalagala repeater coordinator :Mr..Mahesh Sudharshana 4S6MPM. Mr. Mahinda Abeywardhne 4S7PA
Librarian :Mr. Christy Perera 4S6CPT
RSSL shack custodian :Mr Bharath Aponso 4S6ABC
Auditors :Gunasekara. Ratnayaka Company.(Komsco)