RSSL Shack Cleanup

In a heartwarming display of dedication to their craft, a group of ham radio enthusiasts came together to clean the RSSL Club shack today. Led by Wije 4S7VJ, the group included Sirimanne – 4S7DSB, Ruwan-4S7RWN, Dineth – 4S6DIN, and SWL members Ranil, Nadila, and Meth, who all volunteered their time and effort to ensure the shack was ready for use.

Due to COVID-related travel restrictions and fuel shortages, the shack had been closed for a few years, making it difficult for members to access. However, this location has been the Official RSSL Station registered with the TRCSL since 2003 and was given to the club by Bharath – 4S6ABC. This year, the shack celebrates its 20th anniversary, and the group of ham radio enthusiasts wanted to ensure it was in pristine condition ahead of the RSSL VHF Contest, which is set to take place on the 4th of March 2023.

The team will be contesting under the Club Station callsign 4S7RS from the shack, and the group is incredibly grateful to Bharath-4S6ABC and his family for allowing them to use this incredible location. It’s always heartening to see people come together to maintain and promote their passion, and this group of ham radio enthusiasts is an excellent example of the kind of dedication and community that the hobby can inspire.

One thought on "RSSL Shack Cleanup"

  1. Very nice indeed,

    My opinion is to shift the equipment from this place to somewhere away form the sea breasts.

    As I knows the equipments which installed in this location been already damaged.

    I’m not an expert and don’t have a PHD about subject matter but as per the past bad memories remind me write all these.

    This place is good for get-together for discussions. Because public transport is available at any time.

    If you feel this is not true, just forget it and excuses me.

    All the best to you and thank you all very much for participating in the progress of RSSL.

    4S5SC (Udaya Jyantha)
    Honorable member of RSSL

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