Notice: Beware of 4S7CQ

Notice: Beware of 4S7CQ

RSSL IARU liaison Ron 4S7RO/VK4NRO informs all radio amateurs about a suspicious operator 4S7CQ.

A few of us Sri Lankan hams were recently made aware of an individual claiming to be of Sri Lankan heritage actively listed as 4S7CQ on QRZ.COM, with EA5GL indicated as his QSL manager. All available cluster spots seem to indicate digital only operations.

Upon reaching out to EA5GL, he acknowledged creating the listing and stated that he offered QSL manager services on request, clarifying that he doesn’t personally know the operator.

A sensible expectation is for QSL Managers to research and establish the credibility of those under their management, especially when financial transactions such as requests for $3+SAE or 5 Euros for direct cards are involved. It is imperative that managers seek proof of a valid license, particularly when they are not acquainted with the DX station they vouch for.

It’s noteworthy that Sri Lanka discontinued issuing 2-letter suffixes almost two decade ago, and all guest licenses carry 3-letter suffixes with a ‘G’ indicating guest status.

If you have worked or confirmed contacts with 4S7CQ, there is a strong likelihood that you may have engaged with a pirate.

QRZ has been informed of the suspicious listing and the associated account has now been temporarily paused, awaiting the submission of proof of a valid license.

Ron, 4S7RO

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We extend our gratitude to Ron (4S7RO) for his prompt action in reporting this violation to the DX communities.

Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities or violations of amateur bands. Your cooperation in maintaining the integrity of our amateur radio community is highly appreciated.

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