SEANET 2024 Event and RSSL Involvement

We are thrilled to share that the South East Asia Amateur Radio Network (SEANET) convention is set to take place in Sri Lanka in September 2024. Established in 1964 on the 20m band, SEANET aims to foster international understanding and fellowship among amateur radio enthusiasts while providing a platform for emergency communication.

The inaugural convention of SEANET was held in Penang, Malaysia, in December 1971, bringing together around 30 amateur radio enthusiasts including notable figures like Paddy Gunasekera 4S7PB of Sri Lanka and ‘Big John’ van Leader 9M2IR, among others.

The Radio Society of Sri Lanka has been invited to host SEANET 2024 by the Amateur Radio Society of India. As such, RSSL is committed to providing support in various capacities to ensure the success of this prestigious event.

Stay tuned for more updates on SEANET 2024. Let’s come together to make this event a memorable and enriching experience for all participants!

For further information and details about the event, please visit our website or follow our social media channels.

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