SEANET: Celebrating a Legacy of Communication

Since its inception in 1964, the South East Asia Amateur Radio Network (SEANET) has been a beacon of international understanding and fellowship among radio enthusiasts. Operating on the 20m band at 14.320 MHz, SEANET serves as a vital platform for relaying emergency, medical, and urgent traffic while fostering unity and cooperation among Hams worldwide.

The inaugural SEANET convention took place in Penang, Malaysia, in December 1971, marking the beginning of a tradition that continues to this day. Over the years, SEANET conventions have been held in various countries across Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and India, providing Hams with opportunities to connect, share knowledge, and strengthen bonds.

At the heart of SEANET lies its daily on-the-air meetings, where Hams gather at 1200 UTC to chat, discuss technical challenges, and exchange ideas. Led by dedicated Net Controllers like Paddy Gunasekera 4S7PB, these meetings have grown from a handful of participants to over 75 stations representing countries across Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East.

Beyond its role as a hobbyist network, SEANET has proven to be a lifeline in times of need. From assisting stranded yachts in the Indian Ocean to facilitating emergency medical aid for infants and supporting disaster relief efforts, SEANET members exemplify the spirit of community service and goodwill.

SEANET conventions offer Hams the opportunity to meet face-to-face, forging friendships and fostering international understanding. These gatherings not only celebrate the rich history of amateur radio but also inspire new generations of enthusiasts to continue the legacy of camaraderie and communication.

As SEANET prepares to celebrate its 48th convention in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2024, we reflect on its enduring legacy and reaffirm our commitment to promoting friendship, cooperation, and service through the power of amateur radio. Join us in honoring SEANET’s past, present, and future as we continue to connect the world, one transmission at a time.

Past SEANET Conventions

1st: 1971 Penang, Malaysia        
2nd: 1972 Bangkok, Thailand   
3rd: 1973 Singapore              
4th: 1974 Manira, Philippines  
5th: 1975 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
6th: 1976 Jakarta, Indonesia     
7th: 1977 Bangkok, Thailand     
8th: 1978 Singapore              
9th: 1979 Penang, Malaysia      
10th: 1980 Manira, Philippines 
11th: 1981 Jog Jakarta, Indonesia  
12th: 1982 Bangkok, Thailand  
13th: 1983 Singapore              
14th: 1984 Penang, Malaysia    
15th: 1985 Cebu, Philippines    
16th: 1986 Bangkok, Thailand  
17th: 1989 Singapore              
18th: 1990 Kuching, Malaysia  
19th: 1991 Chiang Mai, Thailand    
20th: 1992 Darwin, Australia    
21st: 1993 Dhaka, Bangladesh
22nd: 1994 Malacca, Malaysia
23rd: 1995 Koh Samui, Thailand
24th: 1996 Madoras, India
25th: 1997 Darwin, Australia
26th: 1998 Singapore
27th: 1999 Bandar Sari Begawan
28th: 2000 Pattaya, Thailand
29th: 2001 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
30th: 2002 Perth, Australia
31st: 2003 Johor Bahru, Malaysia  
32nd: 2004 Bangkok, Thailand
33rd: 2005 Bangalore, India    
34th: 2006 Osaka (Kansai), Japan    
35th: 2007 Lampang, Thailand
36th: 2008 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
37th: 2009 Seoul, Korea            
38th: 2010 Shanghai, China      
39th: 2011 B.S.B, Brunei          
40th: 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
41st: 2013 Yokohama, Japan
42nd: 2014 Bali, Indonesia
43rd: 2015 Alapuzha, India
44th: 2016 Pattaya, Thailand
45th: 2017 Cambodia
46th: 2018 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
47th: 2019 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
48th: 2024 Colombo, Sri Lanka – (To be held)

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