Notice: RSSL Ready to Assist in Disaster Communications

The Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL), in collaboration with the Amateur Radio Civil Services Network of Sri Lanka (ARCSN), is prepared to provide critical support in disaster communications in the event of a natural calamity. Our teams are on standby to assist as soon as the authorities request our help or if we determine there is an urgent need to intervene. The RSSL has a strong track record of supporting disaster relief efforts by establishing vital communication links during emergencies. Notably, we played a crucial role during the Tsunami in 2004 and the Ratnapura, Kalawana Floods in 2017, ensuring that essential communication channels remained operational when conventional systems failed. We have already informed the relevant authorities of our readiness and availability to assist. Our dedicated team of radio hams is ready to deploy at short notice to support the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) or the military, providing reliable communication services that are often indispensable during disaster response operations. If you are able to offer your services and can be available on short notice, we urge you to join our efforts. Please contact Tharanga (President) at 0714214404 or Victor (Secretary) at 0112614098 to express your willingness to help. Thank you for your support and dedication to serving our community in times of need. Contact Information:Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL)Tharanga (President): 071 421 4404Victor (Secretary): 011 261 4098 For more information, visit our website and follow us on social media.

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