Amateur Radio Repeaters 101

Get ready to delve into the fascinating realm of repeater systems, exploring their setup, operation, and essential maintenance tips. Join us as we uncover the intricate workings behind extending communication ranges and enhancing signal strength.

Hayden Honeywood VK7HH, the face behind the popular @Ham Radio DX Youtube channel, is graciously collaborating with the RSSL to share his insights on building and maintaining a network of repeaters.

Stay tuned for an illuminating session that’s set to elevate your understanding of Amateur Radio technology.

Mark your calendars – you won’t want to miss this opportunity!


Speaker Profile

Hayden Honeywood, VK7HH, is a renowned Ham Radio YouTuber celebrated for his fervor in VHF, UHF, and microwave amateur operations, incorporating diverse modes like WSPR. Alongside his content creation, Hayden effectively manages a remotely controlled station and plays a pivotal role in upkeeping Tasmania, Australia’s extensive repeater network. His wealth of experience and insights will be shared with the Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL) during the eagerly awaited session on Amateur Radio Repeaters 101, set for August 26th Saturday 3PM. This event promises a captivating exchange where Hayden imparts valuable knowledge, expertise, and an array of tips and tricks to the RSSL community.

Additionally, Hayden holds the remarkable achievement of setting the VK7 and ZL National and State long-distance QSO record, spanning an astonishing 2458 km on 23cm (1296 MHz). This accomplishment underlines his unwavering commitment and profound proficiency in the realm of amateur radio communication.

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