4S7LGT 2023: A Resounding Success!


We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who participated in the immensely successful 4S7LGT event this year. Your presence, enthusiasm, and unwavering support made this event a remarkable experience for everyone involved.

We extend our sincere appreciation to each and every one of you:

  • Deependra 4S6ARI: Your dedication and passion truly inspired everyone. Your demonstration of how determination can overcome challenges was truly motivating.

  • SWL Priyankara: Your forward-thinking approach and your contributions in arranging the tent, tables, and chairs showcased your commitment and organizational skills.

  • Mario 4S7SKR: Your assistance in setting up the station was invaluable, and we are grateful for your teamwork.

  • Jayantha 4S5SC: Your expertise in installing electrical and antenna setups was instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of the event.

  • Mahinda 4S7PA and Senarath 4S6WAS: Your help with transportation was a critical part of making this event possible.

  • Reshan 4S6YRW & Rajini 4S6ARW: Your demonstrations of digital modes on HF expanded the reach of 4S7LGT, and we’re thankful for your contributions.

  • Nadila 4S6NAD and Nayana 4S6NDR: Your youthful energy and enthusiasm were truly infectious, inspiring those around you.

  • Special mention goes to those who worked our station from distant corners of the globe. The reports from Australia, the communications while on /MM in the vast seas – all exemplify the power of radio waves to transcend geographical boundaries. These interactions enrich our understanding of the capabilities of amateur radio and serve as a testament to the global fraternity that we are a part of.

  • A heartfelt salute goes to Victor 4S7VK for his exemplary leadership that set the tone for 4S7LGT 2023. His unwavering commitment and passion not only steered the event to success but also served as a beacon of inspiration for young hams. With his dedication and pioneering spirit, Victor has undoubtedly become a true idol, demonstrating the heights that can be achieved in the world of amateur radio.

The event was marked by a wonderful camaraderie, a true embodiment of the spirit of amateur radio. We were thrilled to witness young hams like Nadila and Nayana, and to see them inspire SWL friends to take their journey into ham radio. The enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by everyone, especially the SWLs, was heartwarming.

The magic of the event was amplified as we watched SWLs making contacts into countries like Australia, USA, Panama, and the Caribbean, all with a simple dipole just 10 feet off the ground. It’s a testament to the power of the ham radio community and the endless possibilities it presents.

Thank you all for your contributions, your passion, and your unending support. It was an honor to be part of such an incredible event, and we’re already looking forward to the next gathering.

Until we meet again, keep the waves alive!

Link to the full album: https://rssl.lk/lighthouse-event-2023/

2 thoughts on "4S7LGT 2023: A Resounding Success!"

  1. Very happy to see the continuations of 4S7LGT with enthusiastic members this year too. From the very first Light house event RSSL had in Dondra back in 1990’s, I have never missed a single event if I am in SL. This is the first to miss due to a surgery and doctors + XYL advice !!.

    This year the propagation would have been much better through the south pole to VK, Caribean and USA around 5PM local time. Glad you guys enjoyed that .

    Please put some more pics here for us to see.

    73 from Kamal 4S7AB

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