Annual Lighthouse and Lightship Event


Annual Lighthouse and Lightship Event

August 19August 20

Event Details:

  • Dates: 19th – 20th August (Saturday – Sunday)
  • Venue: Dondra Lighthouse
  • Operating Callsign: 4S7LGT
  • Operating Bands: As per your license, there are no restrictions on frequencies or modes although certain digital modes are not encouraged internationally.
  • Set-up: Participants usually arrive at Dondra around 9:30 AM on the 19th to set up antennas for the event.
  • Operations: We operate throughout the night of the 19th, depending on conditions.
  • Conclusion: Winding up operations on Sunday morning after breakfast to head home.

Who Can Participate:

We invite all RSSL members and their family members to join us for this memorable event. Non-members are also welcome, subject to prior arrangements with the RSSL.

More information:

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